The model  Elegance 160  which enhances the quality to the top  with Italian designing represents our production power.
You can find comfort and usage ergonomy at the fisrt model of 2011 collection of the Classone brand.

Using Color :
Colors have  important meanings in every part of our lives.  As Classone we consides this  fact. The difference of Elegance 160 model is the colors. We have used black externally and orange internally. Let? s look what this choice represents:

Black: Represents power. Increases the concentration and self confidence.
Orange: Represents extraversitivity and trust. Prevents fatigue and gives energy.

This combination will make you feel powerfull and support you to have high energy.

Design and Safety Information:
Shoulder hanger and and handlers provides ergonomy.You can enjoy your case with special design handlers.


Thanks to the Fabric Comfort which is produced specially for Ms Classone  you will be able to carry your notebook and netbook safe. Extra comfort fabric which is located at the bottom of the case for  external safety will prolong your case?s life with its quality lessening friction and possible defects.
- Case is designed for classical and sports wear.
There are 2 functional pockets at the front side.
 Thanks to full opening design there are 4 pockets for name card, 3 pockets for pen and 1 wide pocket for cell phone, mouse, calculator..
 Besides, extra 2 pockets are available for mouse and pen.


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